Work With Me!

Is this the year you'll (finally) write a speculative fiction novel with a big message?

As a book coach and developmental editor with over a decade of experience, I'd love to help you get that big, beautiful novel of yours out into the world!

“Heather is a brilliant book coach for speculative fiction writers. She’s bursting with great ideas, she has an incredibly in-depth and mature story sense, and she is so well-read. She keeps in mind the many story models out there without ever hewing to one, helping you understand how to best develop your story. Her insights into my story are always delivered with kindness and “you can do this” and I have yet to disagree with one comment she’s made. I could not write this novel without her. Don’t hesitate to work with her.”


~Jen Louden

National Best-Selling Author and Writing Coach

I offer a powerful combination of:

  1. Novel planning and Brainstorming. Together, you and I will map all of the important elements of a novel that ensure you write a novel you’re proud of… and one that readers love. 
  2. Coaching and Developmental Editing. You’ll learn all the tricky the ins and outs of writing a novel that works. And, best of all, your writing and storytelling abilities will grow rapidly. That’s the power of mentorship!
  3. Accountability. Having someone there waiting to read your work and help you figure out the tricky parts will ensure you never get stuck and never give up on your dream. 
  4. Platform Building. Whether you plan to self-publish or traditionally publish, it’s so important to start building your author platform so you actually have someone to sell your novel to when it’s done!
  5. Experience. There’s peace in knowing you’re working with a professional taking the journey with you so you’ll never get lost. 

Find The Best-Fit Coaching Program For Your Life and Your Novel!

I offer two coaching programs designed to help you write your novel with clarity, ease, and joy... and at a pace that works for you!

Group Coaching Mentorship Program

Are you interested in my one-of-a-kind group coaching program that gives you the mentorship, community, and instruction you need to improve your writing and write a novel you’re damn proud of? Then let’s chat about Powerful Writers, Magical Novels Group Coaching Mentorship!


*This program is perfect for writers who still need helping learning the ins and outs of the writing craft or don’t have the time and money to invest in private coaching!

Private Book Coaching Discovery Session

Are you ready to have an introductory book coaching session to feel the power of 1:1 book coaching and get excellent feedback on the first 5 pages of your novel?


*1:1 book coaching is perfect for experienced writers who have ample time to devote to writing and revising their novel. 

Program Clarity Chat

Are you interested in finding a mentor, but not sure which program is best for you and your novel? A lot of writers feel that way!

Let’s have a zero pressure Program Clarity Chat to see if either program would be a good fit for you and your novel!