Powerful Writers, Magical Novels Mentorship Program

12 Month group book coaching program with Heather Davis

This mentorship for aspiring authors who want to write a character-driven speculative fiction novel with a BIG message.

Speculative fiction stories are powerful. Powerful enough to make us think about scary topics in a safe way. Powerful enough to change the world.

“Heather is a brilliant book coach for speculative fiction writers. She’s bursting with great ideas, she has an incredibly in-depth and mature story sense, and she is so well-read. She keeps in mind the many story models out there without ever hewing to one, helping you understand how to best develop your story. Her insights into my story are always delivered with kindness and “you can do this” and I have yet to disagree with one comment she’s made. I could not write this novel without her. Don’t hesitate to work with her.”
Jen Louden
National Best-Selling Author & Writing Coach

That's exactly why you need to write your novel now.

Because the world is messed up af, and we need more stories about important things.


More stories about diverse protagonists.


More stories that challenge censorship, and sexism, and homophobia, and transphobia, and racism, and climate change, and propaganda, and senseless war…


More stories that help us see the world through each other’s eyes. 


We need your novel. Your voice. Your perspective.  

It's so damn frustrating to write in vacuum.

It’s so frustrating to get stuck on a chapter and have no clue why you’re stuck or how to get unstuck.


It’s so frustrating to diligently read all the craft books and how-to blogs and still be no closer to finishing a novel that feels deep and solid.


It’s so frustrating to have no fracking clue if you’re implementing all that “great writing advice” the correct way.

Because seriously...

👉You know that plotting is important, but plotting either doesn’t work for you or you get so focused on the plot that it feels like cardboard cutout characters are moving through it.


👉You know you should be developing a character arc for your protagonist, but it feels so cliché and you have no idea how to integrate it with the plot. 


👉You’re worried about scene structure, backstory, info dumps, POV, Voice, suspense, tension, genre (and oh-so-much-more) and you just can’t be sure you understand any of it. 


👉Worst of all, you have this important story that you want to tell and you feel like you’ll never make it happen. 

Well, guess what?

It doesn't have to be this hard.

This soul crushing.

“I cannot say enough about the value I have received from working with Heather over the last six+ months. I have been able to evolve the startings of a pretty cheesy fairytale that I didn’t think had much potential to a full framework/story arc and ~70 pages of good, thoughtful content and scenes. My characters are interesting, my story is relevant and the theme feels important in a way that it fully lacked when I got started. The tools and tips are provided in a way that meet the particular writing challenge in the right way to be useful and implementable. She effortlessly provides high level guidance and nitty gritty grammar commentary and it is all helpful through the process. Before I met with Heather I felt alone in a cave, wondering if there really was a way out or if I should give up. With Heather, I have had a guide through the darkest, gnarliest challenges a new writer faces and it feels good to have faced the challenge to grow as a writer under her guidance.”
Katrina Gomez Starr
Fantasy Writer

Welcome to the Powerful Writers, Magical Novels Mentorship

Where uncertain writers become confident authors

What if you could write your novel at your own pace without feeling rushed or stuck?

What if you could write slow and deep instead of fast and shallow?


What if you could build a solid foundation for your novel so you don’t get stuck halfway through and have to abandon the whole thing?


What if you could have all the tools and support you crave right at your fingers tips?


What if you could put the familiar confusion, anxiety, loneliness, and overwhelm of writing in isolation behind you forever?


What if you could learn all about character arc, plot, POV, tension, suspense, scenes, chapters, Voice, and so much more in a way that finally makes sense and shows you the how of it. 


What if you could have access to time-tested method that teaches you exactly how to craft a powerful novel (that will engage readers) so you don’t need to scour Google for free resources and hope that you’re not following the advice of a novice?


What if you could learn a method of novel writing that is flexible enough for any writing style (hello plotters, pantsers, and plantsers!) but will help you produce a solid story with compelling and memorable characters. A story with a deep sense of meaning and purpose. A story that stands apart from the competition. 


What if you could get feedback on your work when you’re ready and be sure that it will be  helpful, thorough, professional, and growth-oriented? 


What if you could be in a community of writers who are all just as passionate about their work as you are?

What if you finally invest in yourself and your dream of writing a novel?

Hi, I'm Heather Davis!

I’m a certified book coach, developmental editor, podcaster, course creator, and a fellow storyteller like yourself. And it’s my mission to help speculative fiction writers like you create deep and powerful novels that can help change the world, one story at a time.

I’m here to teach you the simple skills and systems that will allow you to step into your power as a writer.


I’m here to help you let go of the paralysis, fear, and overwhelm that has been holding you back for so long.


I’m here to help you see that writing a damn good novel isn’t about raw talent or any of that elitist B.S.


It’s really just about taking the time to hone your craft in a safe environment and getting the support that you need to show up every day and get your story on the page!


And I know you can do it. 

Mentorship begins on Sunday, July 14th 2024.

Let's chat now to see if we're a good fit!

Why join this mentorship?


Because what you really want is...

✨One central place to get all the information you need about writing a novel.


✨A protagonist who feels real and authentic and leaves an impact on readers.


✨A plot that gets you excited and doesn’t feel “paint by numbers” or clunky and bloated. 


✨A trusted mentor who will look at your novel and tell you what’s working and what isn’t quite there yet in a kind, supportive, and growth-oriented way. 

Powerful Writers, Magical Novels Mentorship

Where becoming a centered, powerful, and successful author begins.

Who is this mentorship for?

The Powerful Writers, Powerful Novels Mentorship is for writers who have an important story to tell. A story they have loved for a long time. A story that feels like part of their life’s work.


This is not the place for you if your intention is to write a novel in a month or six months. (Personally, I have rarely seen a quality novel produced that way.)


Instead, this mentorship is for writers who are satisfied with slow and steady progress.


The is mentorship is for writers who are committed to improving their craft and writing the best novel they are capable of writing. 


This is a mentorship for writers who want to have pride in the novel they produce, regardless of external validations like an Amazon Bestseller tag. 


This is a mentorship for serious writers who want writing to be fun and joyful again. 

Is that you? Are you ready for the journey of your life?

If you've been looking for guidance, support, community, and hands-on mentorship...

The Powerful Writers, Powerful Novels Membership is the place for you.

You've found your people.

Let's be 100% real here...

Writing a novel is probably the hardest personal project you will ever willingly undertake.


It’s hard. It’s lonely. It’s exhausting. It feels like juggling feral cats. 


It happens in iterations, and very often it feels frustratingly circular


And just when you think you’ve made substantial progress, you have to go right back to the drawing board and start over again. 


That’s why we don’t rush things inside of the Powerful Writers, Powerful Novels Mentorship.


Once you’re in the program, there’s no end date by which you are supposed to magically know all the things and have produced your perfect novel. Instead, you can learn at your own pace, ask all the questions you need to ask, get the feedback you need, and stay as long as you like.

This Mentorship is right for you if you...

  • want to write an impactful, character-driven speculative fiction novel. (speculative fiction is an umbrella genre that includes all things fantasy, dystopian, science fiction, magical realism, etc.)
  • understand that writing a good novel takes time and hard work.
  • have a story that you’re truly passionate about.
  • want to write characters with authenticity and emotional depth. 
  • are willing to spend several months working on your novels foundational elements such as character development and novel blueprint. 
  • are open to kind, constructive feedback that will help elevate your novel to the next level. 
  • are flexible in your thinking.
  • are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. 
  • value a community of like-minded writers. 
  • want to share and talk about your story. 
  • want writing to feel fun and joyful again. 

How exactly does this Mentorship work?

This mentorship is part course, part coaching, and part support group.



How it’s a course…

Well, this program is like a course in that I will deliver a series of highly focused lessons and workbooks that guide you seamlessly through every essential writing skills that you need to create your novel. Character arc, plotting, conflict, POV, dialogue, backstory, suspense, tension, scenes, chapters, segues, writing voice… and so much more! All the tools and techniques necessary to write a novel will be yours.

How it’s coaching…

We will have four live calls per month (recorded for those who can’t attend) where you can get direct feedback from me on your work. Friends, this is where the magic happens. This is where you figure out if you’re “doing it right.” This is where your writing begins to grow and change.

How it’s a support group…

Okay, so writing is hard. Damn hard. And it’s good to talk about what’s working and what’s not working. It’s good to talk to other writers when you’re stuck and can’t figure out a scene or bit of worldbuilding. Or when you have a touch of writer’s block. Or when all your best laid scheduling plans fall apart. That’s why we do a “check in” during each session. We get to talk about all the wonderful stuff that’s happening… and all the stuff that’s shaking our confidence.

Here's what's waiting for you inside the Powerful Writers, Magical Novels Mentorship

Phase One: Prepare Yourself for the Journey

  • Discover your two-tier why
  • Uncover your core themes 
  • Develop your mindset
  • Design your writing schedule
  • Create an “unstuck” kit 
  • Assemble your writing toolkit
  • Select your study novels
  • Read like an editor

Phase Two: Build a Solid Foundation for Your Novel

  • Understand what a story really is
  • Determine your genre and comp titles
  • Determine the Point of your novel
  • Create your protagonist, curate their backstory, and define their character arc
  • Create the supporting cast (antagonist and secondary characters) 
  • Get clear on goals, conflict, and stakes
  • Build your awe-inspiring story world
  • Develop the pillar scenes of your novel
  • Create a cause-and-effect trajectory for your scenes

Phase Three: Write Your Novel (or Revise Your Draft)

  • Hone your authorly Voice
  • Uncover the POV and interiority of your protagonist
  • Develop your understanding of the novel-writing basics:
    • Chapters, scenes, and segues
    • The importance of backstory and how and when to use it
    • How to avoid info dumps
    • Showing versus telling
    • How to develop suspense and tension
    • Using subtext to deepen the narrative
    • How to use subtext to deepen the narrative
    • Dialogue that deepens characters and the serves the story

Phase 4: Building an Author Platform

  • Learn what an author platform is and why you need one
  • Set up a simple author website
  • Build an author email list
  • Embrace social media 

And the best part of this mentorship program? You'll get so much feedback and support!

4 Calls Per Month

2 Coaching Calls 

(Workshops/Editing Opportunities)

The first and third coaching call each month are for learning and live workshopping of your pages. This time can also be used for brainstorming or talking through “stuck spots” in your novel. The best thing is, all writers learn from watching others go through the editing process. So even if you don’t have something to submit for a particular call, you’re still growing as a writer just by being a part of it! But if you can’t make it in person, no worries! Everything is recorded and will be shared with you!

2 Co-Writing Sessions

The second and forth coaching call each month is a co-writing session. This will help you show up for your novel and absorb the talent in the room! After all, there’s nothing in the world like a small group of passionate, dedicated people!

Online Community 

Our online community will be a place to share your wins and struggles, ask any questions that come up between calls, and feel the support of other writers on the same journey as you. It’s as warm and comforting as a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows!

Let me properly introduce myself!

I’m a book coach, developmental editor, podcaster, course creator, and a fellow storyteller!

And, as you can probably tell, I value diversity and specialize in speculative fiction.

I am a certified book coach, certified copyeditor, and I’ve been working with writers for well over a decade.

I also spent well over a decade as a teacher, so I know how to make difficult topics easier to understand.

In fact, I bring my teaching skills with me to this program.


By breaking things down into manageable, digestible pieces. By making sure I explain the super specific how!

Meaning, I don’t just give you examples, I show you how to do it yourself through modeling!

Your Investment:

$250 per month

*This is meant to be ongoing mentorship program that supports you throughout the entire process of writing your first novel.

I specialize in the umbrella genre of speculative fiction.


That includes subgenres such as fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, dystopian, alternative history, space opera, dark fantasy, fairytales, etc.


I also specialize in the age range of adult and YA fiction.


So if your novel doesn’t fit within my specialties, this program probably isn’t right for you.

Absolutely! You will have plenty of opportunities to submit work and receive feedback directly from me. 

If you find you need even more personal attention, you will be able to schedule a one-on-one session with me for an additional cost. 

I wish I could give you a timeframe on this, but every writer is different. The point of this program is to write slow and steady and get the education and support that you need so you can write a powerful, character-driven speculative fiction novel that you’re proud to show your friends.

Yes. Because meaningful writing progress does not happen fast. The only way for you to grow as a writer is to fully invest in a program over a significant period of time.


Think of this as an MFA program if those programs really taught you to write novels and build a writing business. 

No, but that’s where the magic happens, and I think if you miss too many you won’t get all the benefits of the program. 


That being said, I know everyone is busy, so if you need to miss, that’s okay. I will record all the calls and post them in our digital classroom so you can watch them at your convenience. 

This program is still right for people who are revising their novel if they are open to really going back to the beginning and reimagining (and possibly rewriting) their novel. 


Why? Because almost all novels need deep structural work in order to be powerful and reader-friendly. Your novel is no different.


And if you don’t have the bandwidth to do that work, this program is probably not right for you. 

Because I know that most folks are working writers, I am holding all the calls on Weekends.

  • 1st full week of the month – Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm p.m. ET

  • 2nd full week of the month – Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm p.m. ET
  • 3rd full week of the month – Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm p.m. ET

  • 4th full week of the month – Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm p.m. ET

You will need to convert that to your time. Here’s a handy time zone converter.  

No. I will be delivering all of the lessons live during the coaching calls.

However, if you miss the live coaching, call you will need to go back and watch the recording of the lesson so you are on the same page as the rest of the group. 

In order to make sure this mentorship is perfect for you and your novel, you and I will need to schedule a 15 min Mentorship Chat. 


We will talk about you as a writer, your novel, and your goals.


You will also be able to ask any questions you have about the program.


Don’t worry, this is NOT a high-pressure sales call. It’s just a conversation so we can both determine if this is the right program to help you write your novel. 


Schedule your Mentorship Chat call HERE

Let this be the year you finally invest in your dream and write your novel!