What if you could write dialogue so damn juicy that readers fall in love with your characters…

stay hooked until the end…

and eagerly tell their friends all about your novel?


With Dynamic Dialogue…

there’s no need to clog the arteries of your novel with clunky, boring dialogue.

In just 7 days, you’ll learn how to craft engrossing conversations that keep readers reading (and buying) your novels!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…


👉 Your scenes feel great in your head, but when you put them down on digital paper, they just sound flat.

👉 The dialogue you write sounds stilted and meh.

👉 Your characters feel almost mechanical, and there’s just no spark on the page.

👉 There’s no tension in your scenes when the characters are talking to each other.

👉 Even your trusted beta readers or critique group mention the need to make your characters sound more realistic.

👉 And let’s not forget the nagging feeling that your characters all sound eerily similar, blending into one indistinguishable voice.


If you’re nodding along, feeling the frustration, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

But here's the good news: there's a way to turn it all around...

Say goodbye to lackluster dialogue and hello to Dynamic Dialogue, the game-changing course that will transform your writing and breath life and excitement into your scenes and characters like never before.

What people are saying about Dynamic Dialogue...

Candice Wright Writer & Book Coach

“Heather’s Dynamic Dialogue course is a breath of fresh air! Indeed, with so much mixed information and opinions circulating on what the proper format of dialogue should be, it feels like striking gold to come across a resource that is clear, informational, and includes everything you need to know. With this course, your characters will pop, your scenes will flow, and your story will resonate deeply with your readers. I highly recommend Dynamic Dialogue for anyone involved in story creation. Thank you for putting this together, Heather!”

Dorothea Buckingham Award Winning Author, Librarian, and Book Coach

“Heather’s Dynamic Dialogue course is a breath of fresh air! Indeed, with so much mixed information and opinions circulating on what the proper format of dialogue should be, it feels like striking gold to come across a resource that is clear, informational, and includes everything you need to know. With this course, your characters will pop, your scenes will flow, and your story will resonate deeply with your readers. I highly recommend Dynamic Dialogue for anyone involved in story creation. Thank you for putting this together, Heather!”

📚 Why Dialogue Matters 📚

Picture this: your readers on the edge of their seats, unable to tear their eyes away from the page.

That's the power of dialogue! It's the secret sauce that adds depth, emotion, and authenticity to your story. With Dynamic Dialogue, you'll learn to wield this mighty tool and leave readers wanting more.

Yep, that’s right!

Because dialogue is the lifeblood of any story, capable of engaging readers on a deep emotional level.

After all, humans are social animals, and studies have shown that we read dialogue much more closely than other parts of a scene. We expect it to breathe authenticity into characters, propel plotlines forward, and create a vibrant connection between us the the narrative. We expect it to enthrall us.

So that means that mastering the art of dialogue is essential for writers who wish to leave a lasting impact on their readers.

📚 What You'll Learn 📚

🌟 Formatting & Punctuating Dialogue: Uncover the hidden gems of dialogue formatting and punctuating that will make your narrative flow effortlessly and keep readers hooked. I’ll show you tricks to make your dialogue shine like a star!


🌟 Crafting “Story Dialogue”: Say goodbye to dull and hello to dialogue that leaps off the page! Learn the art of creating conversations that feel so natural and genuine, your characters will practically step into your reader’s world.


🌟 Dialogue as a Vehicle for Story and Character Development: Buckle up for a wild ride as we explore how dialogue can propel your narrative to new heights, breathe life into your characters, and create connections that will make your story unforgettable.


🌟 Striking the Perfect Balance: Discover the magical dance between dialogue and descriptive prose. I’ll teach you how to paint vivid scenes that transport your readers deep into the heart of your story. Get ready to ignite their imagination!


🌟 Revealing Character through Dialogue: Let’s unlock the secrets of character portrayal through words. From hidden motives to unspoken messages, you’ll create conversations that reveal the very essence of your characters. It’s time to make them jump off the page!


🌟 Mastering Inner Dialogue: Take your readers on an intimate journey into your characters’ minds. I’ll show you how to seamlessly incorporate inner dialogue, adding depth and authenticity without missing a beat. Get ready for some mind-blowing revelations!


🌟 Navigating Dialect: Gain a  understanding of how and when to employ dialect, ensuring it adds depth and authenticity without becoming a source of distraction or disrespect. By honing this skill, you can effectively wield dialect as a powerful tool for enhancing storytelling and character development, immersing readers in rich and culturally diverse worlds.


🌟 Understanding Dialogue Tags: Get ready to finally understand when and how to use dialogue tags to keep your readers reading! I’ll guide you through the art of using tags effectively, as well as alternative methods to identify speakers, convey tone, and reveal intentions. 

📚 Course Features 📚

✨The Dynamic Dialogue Framework: Brace yourself for my unique (and easy to digest) framework that will take your dialogue skills to the next level. 

✨10 Video Lessons: Get ready to be blown away by these video lessons. I’ll share my wisdom, tricks, and tips to enhance your dialogue skills. 

✨10 Audio Lessons (MP3 for on-the-go): Life doesn’t have to pause for learning! Enjoy the convenience of audio lessons in MP3 format, allowing you to master dialogue anywhere, anytime. 

✨Dynamic Dialogue Checklist: Need a dialogue sidekick? Look no further! My handy checklist will accompany you on your writing adventures, ensuring your dialogue remains engaging, authentic, and propels your story forward. 

✨Character Insight Worksheet: Get to know your character better so you can unlock the secrets of their unique communication style and deepen the authenticity of your storytelling.

✨Comprehensive Workbook, packed with valuable resources including 3 Analyze Dialogue Worksheets, 3 Editing Dialogue Worksheets, 3 Creating Dynamic Dialogue Worksheets.

Ready to unlock the secrets to crafting conversations that will captivate and enchant your readers?

You’re frustrated. You don’t know what the heck you’re doing wrong.

Right now you’re…

👉 Writing lackluster dialogue that fails to captivate your audience and leaves your story feeling flat and uninspiring.

👉Feeling unseen and questioning your skills as a writer, as the inability to create engaging conversations dampens your confidence and hinders your creative flow.

👉Wrestling with stilted and forced exchanges that sound unnatural, making it difficult to capture the authenticity and rhythm of real-life conversations.

👉Experiencing frustration when your characters’ voices blend together, lacking distinct personalities that would make them memorable and unique.

👉Finding it challenging to convey emotions through dialogue, leaving your characters feeling emotionally distant and your readers or viewers disconnected from their experiences.

👉Struggling with the daunting task of seamlessly incorporating necessary exposition and information into dialogue without resorting to lengthy explanations or disruptive info dumps that disrupt the narrative flow.

👉Missing out on the opportunity to infuse your dialogue with subtext and subtlety, resulting in interactions that lack depth and fail to engage your audience intellectually or emotionally.

But what if it could be different?

Imagine if….

✔️ Your characters could come alive on the page and captivate readers.

✔️ Dialogue effortlessly flowed, engaging your audience and bringing your story to life with vibrant and captivating conversations.

✔️ Each character possessed a distinct voice that resonated with your readers, enhancing their connection to the narrative.

✔️ You had the power to express your characters' feelings with precision and authenticity, evoking genuine emotional responses and forging a deep bond with your audience.

✔️ Your dialogue seamlessly integrated essential information without the dreaded info dumping.

✔️ You mastered the art of conveying hidden meanings and unspoken emotions, adding layers of complexity to your dialogue that leave your audience intellectually stimulated and emotionally moved.

Hey, I’m Heather!

I help aspiring authors of diversity-focused fiction from all over the world develop the skills and confidence they need to write powerful novels that turn casual readers into loyal fans (and help change the world) It’s my jam!

It’s actually my zone of genius

And because I work with writers at every stage of their career (from brand new to old hat), I read a lot of dialogue that inadvertently sabotages otherwise powerful novels, preventing talented writers from attracting dedicated readers and landing agents. Yikes! But there is a simple solution to the problem.


So I created Dynamic Dialogue to help writers learn how to create rich, effective, natural-sounding dialogue that’s full of all the juicy stuff readers and agents are hungry for!

Crafting interesting dialogue is not magic—it’s more like a series of “secret” techniques that will subtly transform your words into literary fireworks, igniting the hearts and minds of your readers, and propelling your writing to new heights. Say goodbye to lackluster conversations and hello to captivating exchanges that leap off the page.

With Dynamic Dialogue, you’ll unleash the power of words and unlock your true potential as a storyteller. Get ready to breathe life into your characters and create a dialogue that resonates long after the book is closed. Are you ready to set your story ablaze? Let’s ignite the magic of Dynamic Dialogue together!

What’s Inside the Dynamic Dialogue Course:

Once you join Dynamic Dialogue, you’ll gain the freedom to navigate through the course at your own pace and in your own unique way, thanks to the lifetime access feature.


In just seven short days, you can complete the course and witness the transformative impact it will have on your dialogue writing skills.

Here’s what our system entails…

Lesson 1: Understanding Dialogue

Deepen your comprehension of the fundamental principles of dialogue. Explore how dialogue functions in storytelling, its role in character development, plot advancement, and creating captivating narratives that resonate with your audience.

Lesson 2: The Mechanics of Dialogue

Master the essential mechanics of crafting effective dialogue. Explore techniques for seamlessly incorporating dialogue tags, punctuation, formatting, and other crucial elements that breathe life into your conversations on the page.

Lesson 3: What to Avoid

Identify common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when writing dialogue. Learn how to steer clear of clichés, exposition dumps, excessive dialogue tags, and other elements that can weaken the impact and authenticity of your conversations.

Lesson 4: The Golden Rules of Natural Dialogue

Uncover the golden rules of writing natural dialogue. Delve into techniques for infusing realism, authenticity, and believable speech patterns into your conversations, enabling your characters to connect with readers or viewers on a deeper level.

Lesson 5: Handling Dialect

Master the art of authentically portraying dialect in dialogue. Learn strategies to capture regional accents, cultural speech patterns, and unique linguistic characteristics while maintaining readability and avoiding stereotypes.

Lesson 6: Creating Layered Dialogue Through Subtext

Unlock the power of subtext to add depth and complexity to your dialogue. Explore techniques for crafting conversations with hidden meanings, unspoken emotions, and underlying tensions, enriching your storytelling and engaging your audience on multiple levels.

Lesson 7: Asking the Right Questions to Create Effective Dialogue

Discover the art of asking the right questions to create impactful dialogue. Learn how to probe into your characters’ motivations, desires, and conflicts, enabling you to craft meaningful and purposeful conversations that drive your narrative forward. The accompanying workbook includes a “Ask the Right Questions” guide for quick reference.

Lesson 8: Analyzing Dialogue

Develop your ability to analyze dialogue in successful literature and film. Delve into the techniques employed by masterful storytellers, dissecting their dialogues to extract valuable insights that you can apply to your own writing. The accompanying workbook offers you practice to hone your analytical prowess.

Lesson 9: Editing Dialogue

Discover effective techniques for editing and polishing your dialogue. Learn how to trim unnecessary words, tighten pacing, enhance clarity, and refine the overall effectiveness of your conversations. The accompanying workbook offers you practice to hone your editing skills.

Lesson 10: Creating Dynamic Dialogue

Synthesize all the lessons into creating dynamic dialogue that captivates your readers or viewers. Engage in three interactive worksheet dialogue writing prompts that challenge you to apply the techniques and strategies you’ve learned, elevating your dialogue to new heights. The accompanying workbook offers valuable guidance and space for you to craft your dynamic conversation.

✨Frequently Asked Questions✨

This mini-course is designed to be completed in just 7 days. You can choose to go through the course as fast as a speeding bullet, absorbing all the wisdom in a shorter time frame.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more leisurely approach, you can take your time, savoring each lesson at your own pace. With lifetime access, there’s no rush or pressure.

Ah, the sweet sound of affordability! As a fellow writer, I understand the importance of having solid resources without breaking the bank.

I firmly believe that no one should have to mortgage their house just to learn an essential writing skill. That’s why I’m offering this product at such a reasonable price.

It’s my way of supporting and empowering working writers like you, providing you with a valuable resource that won’t drain your wallet.

So, rest assured, you’re getting an incredible deal without compromising on quality. Let’s embark on this writing journey together without worrying about the cost!

Due to the digital nature of this course and because this course is designed to be easily consumed and implemented, I do not offer refunds.

Though I have full confidence in the effectiveness of the course and believe it will exceed your expectations, I encourage you to thoroughly review the course details and curriculum before making your decision.

Each lessons comes with one video lesson (and don’t worry, I’ve got mp3 versions too if you’re feeling auditory), so you can sit back and soak up all the juicy knowledge.

You’ll also get handy-dandy workbooks that’ll walk you through each lesson step-by-step, so you can start implementing like a pro. It’s like having your own personal coach right at your fingertips!

Sorry, no. This is a small, self-directed course where you’ll be guiding yourself through the materials.

While I won’t be directly involved in the course, if you’re seeking personalized guidance, I offer book coaching services.

You can schedule a book coaching discovery session to explore how we can work together and determine if it’s the right fit for your writing journey.

If you skip around, you might miss something pivotal and end up wasting a lot of time writing pages that don’t actually work for one reason or another. It’s better to start at the beginning and progress through at your own rate.

This is not a race, my friends!

Sadly, no. Writing great dialogue requires understanding the cadence of real dialogue and then being able to distill it down into something specifically designed to draw in readers and support the narrative. 
Sadly, no.
Dialogue is actually a key ingredient in a captivating story. It’s not just about having a good plot. Engaging dialogue grabs readers’ attention like nothing else. It brings characters to life, moves the story forward, and keeps the pace interesting. So, if you want to truly hook your readers, make sure your dialogue shines and dazzles them throughout the entire novel. 
While authenticity is important, dialogue that mimics everyday conversations can sometimes be as thrilling as watching paint dry. That’s where I come in! In this course, I’ll teach you how to strike the perfect balance between realism and entertainment. You’ll learn to capture the essence of natural speech while infusing it with rhythm, wit, and pacing that keeps readers hooked. Your characters will sound like fascinating versions of themselves, making readers eager to hang on to every word they say.

While wit and cleverness add flavor to dialogue, it is important to remember that dialogue serves multiple vital functions in storytelling.

It not only advances the plot, raises stakes, and reveals and develops characters but also provides context and backstory, conveys mood and tone, and builds momentum.

By striking a balance between wit and nuance, writers can create captivating dialogue that drives the story forward, heightens tension, reveals character motivations, establishes the story’s background, and evokes the desired emotional atmosphere while maintaining momentum.

Let me assure you that writing dialogue is a craft that can be honed and mastered by anyone! Even the most seasoned writers can enhance their skills, and deepen and nuance their dialogue. 

Who Is Dynamic Dialogue For?

1) New Writers Looking to Unlock the Secrets of Engaging Dialogue

Are you just beginning your writing journey and eager to learn about the power of dialogue? Dynamic Dialogue is designed with you in mind. It offers comprehensive guidance, step-by-step exercises, and practical tips to help you grasp the fundamentals of writing compelling conversations. Discover how to make your characters speak authentically, build tension, and move your story forward with every word they utter.

2) Experienced Writers Looking to Take Their Dialogue to the Next Level

If you’re a writer immersed in the world of long-form fiction, you understand that dialogue plays a crucial role in shaping your narrative. Dynamic Dialogue is your secret weapon to craft captivating conversations that resonate with your readers. Explore advanced techniques, such as subtext, pacing, and dialogue tags, that will elevate your storytelling to new heights. With Dynamic Dialogue, your characters will come alive on the page, driving your readers to turn each page with anticipation.

3) Writers Struggling to Make Every Character's Voice Unique

Do you find it challenging to make your characters sound different and distinct? Dynamic Dialogue provides a toolkit to conquer this hurdle. Learn how to infuse individuality into each character’s speech patterns, vocabulary, and mannerisms. Through exercises and practical examples, you’ll gain the skills to ensure that every character’s voice is as unique as their personality. Say goodbye to flat dialogue, and let Dynamic Dialogue help you create an ensemble of memorable characters.

4) Writers Who Want to Improve the Balance of Dialogue and Narrative by Finding the Perfect Blend

Are you a writer who often finds themselves grappling with the delicate balance between dialogue and narrative? Fear not, because Dynamic Dialogue is here to help you strike that perfect equilibrium. Mastering the art of seamlessly blending dialogue and descriptive passages is crucial for captivating storytelling, and this tool is your roadmap to achieving it.

How Does This Work?

✨ Grab your digital copy of Dynamic Dialogue here.


✨ Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!


✨ Follow the super quick 5-day framework to create dialogue that sparkles.


✨ Dazzle your readers!

Which leaves you with 2 choices…

You can continue scraping together bits and pieces of dialogue advice from writing websites and hope you cobble it together the right way.

Or you can finally unlock the secrets to crafting captivating conversations with Dynamic Dialogue, and have readers eagerly devouring your books, turning page after page. l dialogue on your own...

Imagine how much your prose could improve in just 7 days…

🎉 Imagine if you could effortlessly write dialogue that captivates readers and agents, leaving them eagerly turning the pages of your book.

🎉 Imagine if each of your characters jumped off the page, their voices distinct and interesting, making readers fall in love with them and their stories.

🎉 Imagine if writing dialogue became a fun and exciting part of your creative process, where you looked forward to crafting conversations that breathe life into your narratives.

🎉 Imagine if you never had to wonder whether your dialogue was good enough, because with Dynamic Dialogue, you'll have the tools and techniques to ensure your conversations are engaging, impactful, and perfectly crafted.

🎉 Imagine if you didn’t have to spend weeks, months, years scouring the internet and attending writing conferences just to know how to write great dialogue.

Sounds amazing, right?

My friend, if you’re ready to get serious about honing your conversation writing skills, you’re ready for Dynamic Dialogue...