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Hey, Storyteller!

My name is Heather Davis. I’m a book coach and developmental editor.

And I help speculative fiction writers connect with their characters, deepen their world-building, and find the emotional center of their story so they can confidently create a powerful novel that rings with authenticity, promotes diversity, and turns casual readers into loyal fans.

“Heather is a brilliant book coach for speculative fiction writers. She’s bursting with great ideas, she has an incredibly in-depth and mature story sense, and she is so well-read. She keeps in mind the many story models out there without ever hewing to one, helping you understand how to best develop your story. Her insights into my story are always delivered with kindness and “you can do this” and I have yet to disagree with one comment she’s made. I could not write this novel without her. Don’t hesitate to work with her.”

~Jen Louden
National Best-Selling Author & Writing Coach

If you landed here in my snazzy virtual world, you're probably a speculative fiction writer hungry to write a novel with a powerful message.

You value diverse characters (LGBTQIA, neurodiverse, disabled, BIPOC, etc.) and you want to help change the world, one word at a time.

Well, you're definitely in the right place! (Woohoo!)


Because I'm a book coach who helps aspiring authors develop the skills and confidence necessary to create powerful novels that turn casual readers into loyal fans.

*Yes, it is possible!

Before you write another word...

Snag my 7 Step Guide to an Unputdownable First Chapter

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Before you write another word...

Snag my 7 Step Guide to an Unputdownable First Chapter

It's a game changer.

Don’t worry… I will never sell your email to anyone, and I will never spam you. In fact, your email will be vigilantly guarded by the Library Dragons, who will roast ne’er-do-wells on the spot. 🐉🔥🛡️

Stacy Frazer Author & Book Coach

"A savvy, smart guide to crafting opening pages. Grab a copy and leave the guesswork behind."

Jacque (Love) Hamilton Developmental Editor

"Don’t even think of revising your first chapter without first devouring Heather’s guide to an unputdownable first chapter. Her tips are easily digestible, straightforward, and clearly shown in action, so any writer can implement them right away. It’s a must-read guide."

You’re smart. You’re motivated. And you’ve got a powerful story to tell.

Now you just need to stop spinning your wheels and start getting those brilliant words down on digital paper the RIGHT way!

Because you really don’t want to waste another decade (or two)…

  1. Comparing your story to the Hunger Games or Babel and wondering why the heck your story doesn’t read like that.
  2. Suppressing a What the frack? scream when two critique partners give you completely contradictory advice. (Read: You have too much backstory and You don’t have enough backstory, etc.)
  3. Getting halfway through your super awesome manuscript only to suddenly feel as lost as Mark Watney in The Martian, and immediately deciding to start a shiny new novel instead. (It’ll totally be different this time… right?!?)
  4. Reading that Brilliant New Craft Book, trying to implement all the Great Writing Advice, but being 100% sure that you’re doing it all wrong
  5. Feeling completely alone and frustrated while you sit at your desk, writing, rewriting, and revising that damn book for the millionth time… but still not really getting anywhere.  

And honestly?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Writing a book can be exciting and fulfilling. Seriously.


Imagine knowing exactly what needs fixing and exactly how to fix it.


*No hassle, no drama, no wasted time!*


Imagine having consistent accountability and the opportunity to brainstorm with a story expert.


Imagine knowing you will finish your book, and it will be worth reading. 

“I cannot say enough about the value I have received from working with Heather over the last six+ months. I have been able to evolve the startings of a pretty cheesy fairytale that I didn’t think had much potential to a full framework/story arc and ~70 pages of good, thoughtful content and scenes. My characters are interesting, my story is relevant and the theme feels important in a way that it fully lacked when I got started. The tools and tips are provided in a way that meet the particular writing challenge in the right way to be useful and implementable. She effortlessly provides high level guidance and nitty gritty grammar commentary and it is all helpful through the process. Before I met with Heather I felt alone in a cave, wondering if there really was a way out or if I should give up. With Heather, I have had a guide through the darkest, gnarliest challenges a new writer faces and it feels good to have faced the challenge to grow as a writer under her guidance.”
Katrina Gomez Starr

Hey there, storyteller! Heather here.

I’m a certified book coach, editor, story nerd, and lover of all things speculative fiction and diversity focused.  
I’m completely obsessed with iced mocha lattes, trail running, and helping first-time authors develop rock-solid writing skills (and habits) that foster a deeply rewarding writing journey and an agent-ready manuscript. 
Wanna know more? Find out here!

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Heather Davis as Book Coach to any author working on a manuscript, whether it’s their first or fifth. Her insight and knowledge about great narrative and her passion for getting to the deep heart of your characters is invaluable. She brings an objective eye to your work to determine the strengths and weaknesses while offering a wealth of strategies to help you forge ahead with greater clarity. Heather’s coaching has been pivotal in helping me overcome specific writing challenges and continue to progress towards completing my manuscript, all the while reminding me to celebrate the little victories achieved throughout the process.

When you think you can’t keep going or your self-doubt is threatening to sabotage your writing – Heather is the motivator and cheer squad you need.”

~Karen Eastwood

Look, stories are my zone of genius, and I’ve always been able to peel back the curtain and figure out how books weave their unique brand of magic.

But after becoming an Author Accelerator certified book coach and mentoring with book coach Jenny Nash

After several years of 1:1 mentoring with story coach Lisa Cron (Wired for Story, Story Genius, Story or Die)?

After studying the Save the Cat three act structure with Ben Frahm?

Well, let’s just say I leveled up my understand of Story. Combine that with over a decade of teaching experience, and I REALLY know how to break this stuff down so that writers can finally GET IT!

Here’s how I can help make your dream of being an author a reality…


  • You’ll get the gentle accountability you need to get your writing done and make consistent progress in your manuscript.
  • You’ll have expert eyes on every word you write… helping you celebrate what’s working well and helping you understand how to fix what’s not quite there yet.
  • You’ll learn all the storytelling techniques that will allow you to write a brilliant book that crawls into readers’ brains and takes up residence there.
  • You’ll finally feel like someone understands and loves your story as much as you do (maybe more).
  • You’ll feel 100% supported because you’ll have a buddy (read: writing mentor and story structure aficionada) to brainstorm with.
  • You’ll feel secure knowing that you’re always headed in the right direction… so you won’t end up writing 300 pages that go nowhere.

Am I the mentor you've been waiting for?

Let’s find out!

I’m the Kaylee to your Serenity (or, if you prefer, the Max Perkins to your Ernest Hemingway) if...

  • You write speculative fiction, you know… fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, etc. 

  • You believe in diversity, and your protagonist represents that belief (Disabilities, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, neurodiverse, etc.) 

  • You’re ready to start at the beginning and learn how to craft a story the right way.

  • You see editing and revising as the best way to make a piece of writing shine… and you kinda dig it. 

  • You love deep, emotionally impactful stories that have a big message, even though you’re writing genre fiction.

  • You want readers to love your characters so much that they make playlists on Spotify inspired by your book.

“When I first decided to follow my crazy dream to write a novel, I thought I could do the same thing I had done when writing poetry or short stories – just start writing, and everything would fall into place naturally. It doesn’t happen like that for novels. I found out after scratching out a few pages of great words that didn’t go anywhere. After fighting with impostor syndrome and myself, I looked for a book coach, someone who could help me make my words become a novel. When I “met” Heather Davis online, it all fell into place. Her style, her caring, and her energy made me know she was my guide. Heather is tough, but caring; she won’t baby you as you write, but she will genuinely get involved and help you GROW as an author. I have never regretted my choice!”

~James Weems Author

Besides having a kickass Stanford creative writing certification… here are 7 other random (but important) facts about me...

  1. I’m a writer too.  So, trust me, I COMPLETELY understand how hard this stuff is from the other side. But you know what else I understand? It’s 100% doable if you have the right support! 
  2. My favorite author is Stephen King. Not because I love horror but because he is a master storyteller.
  3. I’m a certified yoga instructor. So if you ever want to do a 61-point meditation or some ujjayi breathing, hit me up. We’ll Zen out.
  4. I am fascinated by how the human brain craves and uses Story. As social creatures, humans use Story to learn, adapt, and survive. And if we connect with a story? Well, it LITERALLY changes us (I’m talking about building new neural pathways here! Heavy stuff.)
  5. I’m a GenXer. That says a lot right? Yeah, I had a goth phase. Yeah, I listened to Nirvana. Yeah, I can entertain myself indefinitely. Yeah, I still love Pump Up the Volume.
  6. I believe you should write what you know emotionally. Who the heck wants to only write stories about people exactly like themselves? Ugh. What’s the point? Instead, I think we should dig down into the emotional journey we’re taking through life and bring a deeper truth to the page. 
  7. I believe that books can change the world. Seriously. I do. I believe it. That’s why writers (like you) owe it to themselves (and everyone else) to get their books done and dusted and ready from readers!

✨Find out how to work with me!✨

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The Vital Difference Between Plot and Story—and Why You Need Both

Writers buy plotting books by the dozen and do their best to create the plottiest plot that the world has ever seen. They stuff their novels with action-packed sword fights, explosions, fist fights, and screaming matches. Plot points, pinch points, and grandiose climaxes abound.

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A great novel is like a well-made house: it needs a sturdy structure, or it will eventually collapse.

Unfortunately, that structure doesn’t just happen all on its own through some sort of divine story magic (boy, wouldn’t that be convenient). Instead, structure must be developed and applied with great care. 

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The Secret to Making Your Novel Standout

Dr. Heather Davis is a storyteller, certified book coach, copy editor, and an author platform expert. She has a B.S. in biology from Salisbury University, a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and has spent over ten years as a teacher. She also has a creative writing certificate from Stanford University, and loves helping passionate writers make the life-changing leap from dreamer to published author.  Heather also writes about the writing process (here, here). Please listen.

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Why the Advice ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Is Wrong, with Heather Davis

“I just want to write my book.” This is what Heather Davis said to herself and what led her to find book coach and author, Lisa Cron, which ‌led to Heather finding Jennie Nash and Author Accelerator, with whom she trained to be a book coach.

We both agree that being a coach has made us better writers and we talk about the difference between plot and story.

For Heather, plot is what happens externally to the character, but story is what happens internally. It’s that “common human experience.”

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7 Secrets to Making Your Content Binge-Worthy.

Whether you’re thinking about writing a novel, in the process of writing a novel, or you just wonder what makes the novels you love so readable, you will really enjoy this episode. Guest Heather Davis is a book coach who works one-on-one with writers worldwide on their novels. Heather talks about how a book coach helps writers make their books binge-worthy. She also sheds light on the biggest mistakes new novelists make when pitching an agent.

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“I couldn’t be happier with the approach that Heather took with me when I was looking for book coaching for my romantic-tragedy novel. Her knowledge, expertise, helpfulness, and creativity were indispensable in getting me out of a creative rut and cut to the heart of my story. She has a deep understanding of character motivation and backstory and her open-ended questions helped me resolve plot logic and come up with further plot points without losing the core of what I wanted to say. Heather was there to provide much-needed encouragement and inspiration that had allowed me to fall in love with my story all over again. I’ll carry her thoughtful, considered approach with me for whatever lies ahead, and I am grateful for her passion, intuition, and support. I made more progress during our first video conference call than I had in the previous 18 months!”

~Stuart Wakefield Author & Writing Coaching

Make this the year you (finally) write your novel.

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